Modular Deck Ovens

The Bongard Soleo series provides the same outstanding quality of bake that the Bongard Cervap provides, with the flexibility of modular construction. This electric powered oven is more compact than the Cervap. The Bongard Soleo can be customized to a specific area where space is at a premium. There are 4 model sizes to choose from, with a choice of 1 to 4 decks. Future decks can be added to the oven easily. Deck heights can be 7″or 9.5″. Each deck comes with two thermostats, one for the top of the deck and one for the hearth deck. Steam generators can be provided for each deck individually as well. This oven sits on an oven stand with legs on wheels, providing extra maneuverability.

The greatest attribute of the Bongard Soleo is that each deck can be run independently from each other. This enables the baker to bake different products at different temperatures and times. This also allows for great energy savings, with the minimum amount of baking space being used at a given time.


  • 1″ refractory cement hearth stone (thickest available)
  • 7″ to 9.5″ deck height (highest available)
  • Independent top and bottom heat, adjustable by separate thermostats
  • Large thermo-mass (each deck is 1300 lbs.)
  • High density insulation around oven core and well insulated baking chamber
  • Heavy duty steam generators (11″x26″)
  • Swivel castors
  • Glass door treatment on inside to retain oven heat
  • Able to use multiple loaders and lifters
  • Optional ornamental headband
  • Hood available with exhaust fan and light
  • Each deck independent
  • Steam vent on each deck
  • Compact space saver