Frequently Asked Questions
About Baking Bread in a Deck Oven

A deck oven can transform your capabilities in the kitchen, giving you the ability to make larger batches of bread in a more efficient way with greater consistency and quality. If you’re ready to change the game in your restaurant or bakery’s bread offerings, read on to learn more about the capabilities of a high quality deck oven.

Q. What is the difference between a deck oven and rack oven?
A. Considering investing in a commercial baking oven for your business? A high-quality oven can be the key ingredient to baking success. Read more…

Q. How is a deck oven different from a rack oven?
A. The biggest difference between a deck oven and a rack oven is the types of baked goods each is best suited for. Read more…

Q. How does a deck oven bake bread?
A. To fully appreciate how a deck oven brings delicious artisanal breads to life, it helps to understand how this type of commercial oven works. Read more…

Q. What are the benefits of baking bread in a deck oven?
A. Since deck ovens use conduction and radiant heat, the hearth continuously is designed to circulate heat throughout the oven. Read more…

Q. How does a deck oven make bread better?
A. Deck ovens excel at even heat distribution as well as moisture retention. Read more…

Q. What types of bread are best suited for baking in a deck oven?
A. Although deck ovens bake all types of bread to perfection, you will find that they will especially elevate breads that demand a crispy, crusty exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. Read more…

Q. How does a deck oven contribute to the crust quality of bread?
A. The cement surfaces of each “deck” in a deck oven absorb heat and then evenly redistribute it onto the exterior of your dough. Read more…

Q. How do I clean and maintain a deck oven?
A. Because there are no moving parts like in other types of commercial ovens, a deck oven requires minimal long-term maintenance.

Q. Is it easy to control the temperature of a deck oven?
A. Deck ovens deliver precise temperature controls, allowing bakers to adjust and maintain the desired temperature for different types of bread.

Q. Are deck ovens good for baking large batches of bread?
A. Because they offer faster and more consistent heating, deck ovens are ideal for busy kitchens looking to bake large batches of bread in a production kitchen.

Q. Why is steam an important part of a deck oven?
A. Steam adds moisture to the oven and creates a humid environment. This humidity is key to creating those glossy, crispy crusts that high-quality bread is known for. Steam also promotes oven spring, resulting in a light and airy crumb.

Q. Can I bake multiple batches simultaneously in a deck oven?
A. Yes, most deck ovens have multiple decks, allowing you to bake multiple batches at the same time. Ensure even heat distribution by rotating and positioning the loaves as needed.

Q. Can I bake pizza in a deck oven?
A. Deck ovens can bake pizza , but at lower than normal pizza temperatures, 480-500 degrees.

Q. What’s the difference between a deck oven and a convection oven for baking bread?
A. Deck ovens use radiant heat from deck surfaces, while convection ovens circulate hot air. This makes deck ovens preferential for baking bread because of their ability to create desired crust textures.

Q. Can I bake gluten-free bread in a deck oven?
A. Yes, deck ovens can be used for gluten-free bread. Simply adjust your temperature and baking times to suit gluten-free doughs to account for the different baking characteristics than traditional wheat-based doughs.

Q. Can I use a deck oven for sourdough baking?
A. Deck ovens are well-suited for sourdough bread thanks to their controlled temperature an

Q. I see that FBM is located on the East Coast. Can you service my facility if I am located in another area of the country?
A. Yes, FBM ships machinery across the United States. FBM has shipped to Alaska and Hawaii as well as Canada, Mexico and South America.

Q. I own a restaurant that wants to start baking its own pastry and bread. Can FBM help me?
A. Yes, FBM  has  baking machines for the smaller capacity restaurant as well as smaller sizes to fit a tight kitchen.

Q. I am interested in starting my own bakery but the process of getting started is a bit overwhelming at times. Can FBM help?
A. Yes, FBM will be with you right from the start. We can speak with your architect and design a kitchen layout for you, as well as assemble, install and start up your machinery.

Q. I had a bad experience with the previous company I purchased baking equipment from. They basically forgot about me and were not there for me when my machinery needed repair work. Can I count on FBM?
A. Yes. At FBM, we want to be partners for life. We stake our 30 year reputation on excellence in customer service. FBM technicians are on call 24/7 to answer all your service needs. FBM also works with dozens of authorized service companies nationwide to assist us in providing our customers with prompt and efficient service.

Q. Does FBM actually deal directly with the manufacturers?
A. Yes. There is NO middleman. FBM imports directly from the manufacturers and we share a close working relationship with all of our vendors. We communicate frequently to monitor all improvements and revisions on all machinery.