Bongard Deck Ovens

Being the best in the world in anything makes a very loud and impressive statement, and that’s just what Bongard Deck Ovens bring to the table. Make that the bakers table. These ovens are preferred by the world’s best at what they do— artisan bakers so named because they are highly skilled and consummately trained at baking bread and other goods. They know everything, every nuance, when it comes to creating one of the first foods in civilization, coming after the grinding stone was first used to crush grain 10,000 years ago. It may not have resembled bread as we know it today, but it became a staple of every household where even in Ancient times, bread was synonymous with being fed and nourished.

Baking true artisan bread has been compared with the making of a fine wine so, needless to say, every piece of equipment in the mixing and baking process is critical— and nothing more so than the oven.

As exclusive distributors of Bongard Deck Ovens, FBM Baking Machines provides the highest quality deck ovens and machines to the artisan bakers and pastry chefs all across the United States. We have been doing this for more than 30 years, working with artisan chefs in getting the most out of their ovens and, most importantly to them, keeping their patrons satisfied whether they are baking for dozens or hundreds in a given business day. Whether the baking is done by intricately controlled steam generated by a gas-fueled deck furnace or via electricity, the deck oven is unsurpassed wherever the best bread is being baked from Italy to Indiana.

Deck ovens are in demand for commercial baking because they are known for being able to provide consistent heat throughout the cooking chamber, at the same time the heat being delicately manipulated throughout the backing process. Steam systems control heat provided to each deck. They meet the challenge of baking many loaves of bread in a relatively brief time span, with a perfect crust encasing the deliciousness inside. It’s a delicate balance of quantity and quality.

There are so many kinds of bread products in demand as consumers try to escape the mass-produced concoctions from commercial bakeries that have passed for bread in the United States since the dawn of the 20th Century. Deck ovens not only provide consistent heat but retain it at a high level, giving the artisan baker much needed control over the process. That heat retention, by the way, makes bakery ovens more energy efficient during the course of a day. Artisan breads, which include the standard loaves as we know them, are more popular than ever and can be flavored and even fermented, produced in all shapes and sizes.

Deck ovens, relying on conduction heat, were so named because the heat traveled up from the bottom, or deck, which was originally a heated stone.

See our assortment of high-grade steel commercial ovens below to see why Bongard is the best choice for whatever deck oven need you may have.  With deck ovens  like the Cervap, the Soleo, and the Orion, Bongard has an elite deck oven for everyone.

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