The Major moulders are machines designed to mould and extend dough pieces with their different models and options. They can fit on a stand, dough piece rest table or out-feed conveyor and fully integrate into semi-automatic and automatic first prover units. Dough is easily and accurately laminated and moulded through two anti-adhesive coated cylinders, then rolled under a load conveyor.

The smooth and gradual moulding process is carried out between two wool felt conveyor belts rotating in reverse direction.


The new Ultra moulder developed by Bongard’s research teams has combined the well-known rounding and stretching qualities of the Major with additional functions such as program memory storage, pointed endmaking and endless adaptability to any type of dough.

No other moulder in the world can match the capability of the Ultra. The wide belts fitted to the Ultra enable it to mould and round 2 ounce rolls to loaves as large as 3 lbs.


  • Cast steel frame (keeps it rigid and stable)
  • Grooved belt drive
  • 100% pure wool moulding belt with water repellent
  • Adjustable rolling thickness
  • Electronic control of the length of dough
  • Automatic operation with 35 programs

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