Integrated Lifter

This Bongard Integrated Lifter is built “around” the oven with steel columns on each side. The lifter can be integrated to the whole range of Bongard ovens. This lifter allows for clearance in front of the oven. It can be stored easily in the high position in front of the hood.


  • Allows for “free” space in front of oven
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Hooks for loader on lifter
  • Handles can be assembled on either side
  • Lifting system with chains and counterweights
  • All loaders for these lifters can be equipped with FBM’s silicone-coated loader belts. FBM is the only company known to use this technology.A silicone-coated loader belt provides for a much cleaner look and a much smoother loading process, with less wear-and-tear on the belt.