Europa Bell Rack Ovens

FBM Baking Machines offers, among its array of ovens for bread and pastry products, the Bell Rack Oven from Europa.  This is an ultra-compact rotary rack oven, available in an electric or gas version, making the most efficient use of space in your workplace when there isn’t that much to offer. It is a great option for small- to medium-sized bakeries and one of its advantages is easy installation, thanks to its modular structure. Fully assembled it can pass through doors wider than three feet, eight inches and seven feet, eight inches or more in height as it is, and it can be installed in premises with very low ceilings. However, it is delivered in two modules, which means it can be moved through door widths narrower than three feet and heights under six feet.

The oven chamber in which the baking is done allows bread and pastry to be placed on shelves that slide in and out of a steel framework. The electric version is the first three-section rotary rack oven which allows for the reduction of energy when not baking a full rack.

The standard version of the Bell rack oven offers some solutions that other manufacturers only offer as supplemental options, allowing baking with less than a full oven— as much as a 30 percent reduction in product.

Among the other advantages of the Bell line of rack ovens is the ease of use compared to other commercial ovens. Loading and unloading is accomplished simply by rolling the rack in and out of the baking chamber, and you can leave the bread and pastry there to cool until the product is stored or until it is time to roll in another batch on that rack.

The modern and technological design also enhances the workplace esthetically, as well as presenting a professional look. Convertibility and adaptability are also big pluses because it can be swapped from electric to gas-powered or vice-versa as needs and demands change.

Double-rack ovens are also available.

Among the pluses of rack ovens cited in the commercial baking industry, aside from the aforementioned space efficiency, are flexibility and consistency in baking method and product results.  Flexibility means being able to quickly adjust your product, whether they are delicate pastries or breads and bagels. Consistency is all about the baking process and the features of the rack oven. Rack ovens generally bake in less time and more evenly than radiant heat ovens.  Everything on the rack is in and out at the same time and not based on which item was placed in the oven and when.

Facts and Features of Bell Rack Ovens:

  • compact size: 44″ wide x 55.5″ deep x 92″ high
  • digital control panel with multi-function rotary switch
  • programs to store, 5 or 10 phase baking cycles for each program
  • upper hook turning system
  • 2 speed fan–high for bread and usual pastry, low for more delicate products
  • high powered steam generator gaskets on door for a better seal and longer seal life
  • thermal insulation with high density pre-compressed rockwool panels
  • hood with extractor