Spiral Mixer

Bongard Spiral Mixers, thanks to their mastered bowl and hook shape (spiral), are consistently outperforming all other mixers on the market. The breaker bar (dividing blade) is perfectly adapted to the hook and bowl that provides optimum oxygenation at low temperatures thereby favoring regular formations of kneaded dough, for smooth, homogeneous mixing.
The ideal breaker bar/spiral/bowl proportions limits the overheating of dough, balances it’s distribution, and prevents the kneaded dough from rising along the spiral tool. This enables better dough development and helps acquire more taste.
  • Better dough oxygenation
  • More control over the overheating of dough
  • Quality mixing of any dough proportion
  • Low noise
  • Easy cleaning
  • Versatility– suitable for all types of dough
  • Anti shock covers
  • Outer casing of frame is painted with an anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating
  • All models are manufactured with a stainless steel breaker bar, bowl and tool
  • The two smallest models have a single common motor for both the spiral tool and bowl
  • The larger models are equipped with two motors: one for the bowl and one for the spiral tool
  • Electronic control panels with 9 mixing programs available
  • All models have two digital timers for low and high speed
  • Larger models have one reverse speed
  • Stainless steel safety grid cover


V.M.I.’s spiral mixers are built around a central concept – “too much power does no harm.” These spiral dough mixers are provided with a power ratio which is 15-20% higher than what is usually supplied. Adapted to industrial bakeries, the main assets of these spiral mixers are sturdiness and productivity.

The choice of a belt drive for the mixing tool instead of a gear box means less maintenance and stronger operation. Mixing bowls rotate in both directions providing a more consistent mix. This mix of low maintenance and power makes this one of the most efficient and best stand mixer for bread dough available on the market today.

The fixed bowl mixer has a range of 3 lbs.to 440 lbs. of dough.

The removable bowl commercial mixers  include 6 available tools and has a range of 16 lbs. to 550 lbs.of dough (extra bowl on dolly also available).