Rhea Sheeter

This manual sheeter enables any type of dough to be turned and pinned. The large diameter of the 2 rolling cylinders (80mm) grants a better “dragging” of dough. The rolling thickness is well-controlled due to the easy adjustment of the rolling cylinders. It can be easily folded and moved to save space. This sheeter is the premier machine for laminating croissant and pastry dough.


  • On pivoting castors
  • Easily removable non-stick scrapers
  • Flour container in food-grade plastic
  • 60mm pinning rolls in hand-chrome steel
  • Liftable polyurethane belts
  • 2-speed cutting device
  • Differential speed of the belts. The infeed belt is 35% slower than the outfeed belt. This avoids any dough obstruction, stretching or tearing.