Bongard Orion Deck Ovens

The Orion by Bongard is an electric deck oven with high-power heating and the amazing interior capacity that operates in a continuous mode for the most demanding baking and pastry products. It is essentially the electrical version of Bongard’s gas-fired Cervap, and the Orion, as its manufacturer notes, “combines traditional hearth baking with the flexibility and accuracy of an electric-powered oven.”

The Orion was designed to provide a quick response for continuous utilization regardless of the lengths of the baking cycles of the products inside— even those with a very short baking cycle and other baking challenges from distinctive recipes and ingredients.

Among the keys are thermostatically controlled steam generators evenly baking the most demanding products, such as leavened bread and products requiring a very short baking cycle. A wide assortment of baking and pastry items may be placed on three to six baking decks in as many as six baking chambers

The power requirements of an Orion oven are calculated to allow simultaneous heating of all baking decks as well as the steam generator. This allows for an even baking process, avoiding any “hot spots.” Efficient energy consumption is one of the greatest selling points of this electric deck oven, because the energy is always directed to where it is needed. Heat loss is minimized with the unique and innovative crossed layers of Rockwool™ insulation mattresses made of from stone wool technology. Even the wide glass doors, where most energy loss occurs on most ovens, are heat reflecting while allowing the items inside to be visually checked.

The electronic system constantly monitors the actual temperatures inside the oven and optimizes the heating power, adding the exact amount of energy necessary for the products on each of the decks. The power output of the heating element is automatically adjusted according to the position of the goods within the oven. More power is expended at the front to compensate for the losses through the glass window; a bit less is required at the back. These adjustments also take into consideration heat build-up inside the oven during the course of a day of baking. On each deck, top and bottom and bottom heat are independently adjustable.

Additionally, all Orion ovens can be operated from conventional low power sources or connections.

At the end of the workday, when the baking is done, the oven allows for easy access for maintenance and cleaning, notably easy-to-clean stainless steel and safety glass on the front and removable screens in the oven hood that may be cleaned in dishwater.

It is truly “a single oven that can do it all,” regardless of the volume and deadlines that you may face.

Omega2 Electric Deck Oven Facts and Features

  • Available in 3, 4,or 5 decks
  • Available with 1 or 2 doors per deck
  • Doors: 24″ wide or 31.5″ wide
  • Oven front with hood and exhaust fan
  • An independent steam generator for each deck
  • Refractory cement hearth plates
  • Reinforced door seals
  • Tempered glass to reduce heat loss
  • Optional steam vents for each deck