Let FBM be your source for refurbished equipment. FBM only purchases equipment that we have previously sold. Most of these pieces of equipment are trade-ins from our customers. We know these machines, and the condition that they are in. FBM will totally refurbish all of our used equipment that is for sale. We replace all components that are not functioning, weld, clean, paint and thoroughly inspect all machines to make sure they are operating in top shape!

Purchasing a refurbished/used machine from FBM comes with a great added value. Knowing that your used piece of equipment has come from a reputable company, and has been refurbished, with a warranty, will certainly put your mind at ease. FBM also offers free tech support for all purchases!

* FBM will also refurbish your equipment!. Ship your machine to us, we will totally refurbish it, getting it to the proper working condition, and make it look as new as possible! Give us a call for a quote.*

*Interested in selling your Bongard and Panimatic equipment? FBM can certainly make you an offer. Give us a call!*