Europa Leonardo Gas Deck Oven

Europa is one of the leading oven manufacturers in Italy.
The Europa Leonardo is a gas fired steam tube deck oven. The baking cycle in this oven is always soft and uniform, never aggressive. It is ideal for any kind of product and specifically recommended for large breads that need longer baking times. Excellent thermal efficiency is guaranteed by the large steam tubes (35 mm in diameter, 5.5 mm in thickness) that heat the oven, allowing for a 30% consumption saving if compared with an oven that has a brick foundation. A digital control panel is available with the ability to store 30 programs, LCD screen and LED display, for temperature, baking time and steam time.

Technical Features:
• Weekly programmable ignition system
• High efficiency independent steam generators per deck
• Available with two steam generators per deck
• High refractory stainless steel combustion chamber with two adjustable sections, guaranteeing a uniform bake