The ERIS is a bun divider-rounder that will divide and mold the dough. The number of divisions and dough weights are dependent on the model chosen. This machine merges dividing and rounding in the same cycle. It is semi-automatic with manual dividing and motorized rounding on an oscillating platform – with just a few revolutions of the oscillating platform, pieces are perfectly divided and rounded.


  • Adjustment of eccentric movement with the operating handle
  • Rounding and pressing time is adjusted by operator
  • Dividing disc can be tipped for cleaning
  • Supplied with 3 synthetic trays
  • Cast iron base on castors
  • Stainless steel knives
  • Electro-mechanical moulding
  • Mechanical pressing and cutting
  • Aluminium alloyed and teflon coated dividing disc
  • Aluminium alloyed oscillating semi automatic), ERIS- A (automatic), ERIS- FA (fully automatic)

Eris – SA