Rack Ovens

An ultra-compact rotary rack oven, available in an electric or gas version. This oven allows for a very easy installation, with just 2 modules to be attached together. The electric version is the first three-section rotary rack oven which allows for the reduction of energy when not baking a full rack. Also available in a double rack oven.


  • compact size: 44″ wide x 55.5″ deep x 92″ high
  • digital control panel with multi-function rotary switch
  • programs to store, 5 or 10 phase baking cycles for each program
  • upper hook turning system
  • 2 speed fan–high for bread and usual pastry, low for more delicate products
  • high powered steam generator gaskets on door for a better seal and longer seal life
  • thermal insulation with high density pre-compressed rockwool panels
  • hood with extractor