Electric Deck Ovens

The Omega is a high heating power electric oven. Basically, it is the electric version of the gas-fired Cervap. The Omega was designed for a quick response time and for use in a continuous mode with the most demanding products, such as leavened bread and products requiring a very short baking cycle.

The power requirements of an Omega oven is calculated to allow simultaneous heating of all baking decks as well as the steam generator. This allows for an even baking process, avoiding any “hot spots.”

The electronic system constantly checks the actual temperatures inside the oven and optimizes the heating power in order to add the right amount of energy necessary. The heating element’s power is adjusted according to their position in the oven: more power at the front to compensate for the losses through the glass window, a bit less at the back to limit the heat build-up during the day’s work.


  • Available in 3, 4,or 5 decks
  • Available with 1 or 2 doors per deck
  • Doors: 24″ wide or 31.5″ wide
  • Oven front with hood and exhaust fan
  • An independent steam generator for each deck
  • Refractory cement hearth plates
  • Reinforced door seals
  • Tempered glass to reduce heat loss
  • Optional steam vents for each deck