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World’s top seller for Bongard Commercial Bread Baking Ovens.

Bongards are Widely Considered the Best the Best Ovens Available

Simply stated, Bongard is the No.1 seller of top of the linegas commercial bread baking ovens, and machinery for the artisan baking community in the world. Bongard has sold over 40,000 ovens worldwide, with a strong presence throughout the European community. Bongard is owned by an Italian company called The Ali Group. Bongard is featured heavily in Italy and the Italian market with Bongard's sister company, Esmach. The Bongard Cervap series is often called the "Rolls-Royce"of the gas commercial bread baking ovens, making them widely believed to be the best ovens in restaurants or bakeries in the world. Since 1967, when the company was granted a worldwide patent for a circular steam tube oven with a steel furnace, Bongard has succeeded in combining the responsiveness of a cyclothermic oven and the superior baking performance of a steam tube oven. This was the birth of the Bongard Cervap oven as the best bread baking machines.. The Bongard Cervap series offers the best ovens:  commercial bread baking ovens that you can get

Bongard artisan gas commercial bread baking ovens are the elite and best ovens for a bakery. They are the best bread baking machines,  and are found in the finest restaurants known around the world.

The steam distributed throughout the steel tubes radiates a smooth, uniform heat to the surrounding area of each deck, thus duplicating a brick oven environment. The greatest attribute of the Bongard Cervap is its thermo-mass. Thermo-mass is reached in the Cervap by closely spaced steam tubes lining the baking chamber, which radiates a smooth heat on the dough. This along with hearth plates made of refractory concrete, which absorbs the humidity of the dough - avoids burning the bottom of the bread. High thermo-mass also allows for baking with falling and declining heat, which helps build a thicker crust. A heavy cast iron steam generator, located on each deck inside the baking chamber, provides a moist steam which does not burn the skin of the dough.

High fuel efficiency is another extra-ordinary characteristic of the Bongard Cervap. Energy costs are 2-3 times less than cyclothermic ovens because of greater heat retention which allows for the burner to be used less frequentlyBest Ovens for small bakeries and best commercial bread baking ovens in restaurants

Best Bread Baking Ovens | Best Deck Ovens for Small BakeriesFBM plays an integral part in designing the Bongard Cervap artisan baking bread machines. FBM is one the first companies to introduce an air inlet attachment that brings fresh air directly to the burner. This process keeps the burner free of dirt, but more importantly, allows the oven to burn "clean". FBM also designs all the electrical control panels for the Bongard Cervap oven. They are designed by our own FBM technicians and manufactured in the USA. FBM factory trained technicians will also assemble and install all of our Bongard Cervap ovens as well as all of our other machinery.

Other Bongard Cervap artisan baking oven characteristics:

  • Multiple models and sizes to fit any bakers' needs
  • Low maintenance costs (no moving or mechanical parts throughout oven, no motors, no fans)
  • 10 year warranty on steam tubes
  • Patented fire chamber (5 year warranty)
  • E.T.L. listed (entire oven)
  • Available in 3 or 4 decks
  • Available with 1, 2 or 3 doors on each deck
  • 24", 30", 31.5" door size available (depending on model)
  • Heat repelling doors
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Made of heavy gauge steel - no masonry, which cannot be repaired or moved
  • FBM technicians available 24/7, to offer phone support
  • Full inventory of parts on hand at FBM

Bongard Artisan Commercial Bread Baking Ovens are the Best Ovens for Small Bakeries, High End Restaurants and more…